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hooked on head shots, mythlocast maniac, crucible monster, warlock, hunter, pvp

microphone, warlock, parent, trials, titan, pvp

warlock, xbox one, titan, microphone, hunter, relaxed

but this boners all rock'n roll baby., i may live out in the cuntry


divisioneager, ivemasteredallofdestiny, 400titanx3

relic holder, swordbearer, assistant sherpa, year one, xbox one, raider

sherpa, bomb ballsack co-founder, relic runner, swordbearer, xbox one, titan


profanity ok, pvp, parent, pve, microphone


hunter, microphone, profanity ok

Im Huntin Wabit

shouldercharge extraordinaire, i hate doing most of the jobs, thunderdome survivor, ogre melter, soundtrack provider, slammed the daughters