I'm an active duty Air Force member so sometimes my job takes me away for 1 to 3 weeks but anyone can add me as a friend on Xbox1 and I will gladly help with anything to do with Destiny. I'm a decent PvP player as well.
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profanity encouraged, sherpa, spacemagic, letsstartagang, hambands, microphone


all the cool weapons, chicks dig me, overall badass, epic raider, profanity ok


microphone, xbox one, parent


warlock, xbox one, nightfall, strikes, pve, titan


titan (34), hunter (34), warlock (34), 9pm - 1am est, parent (2)

microphone, xbox one, thorn, sherpa, gjallarhorn

casual, microphone

weekly challenges, warlock, microphone

trials of osiris, pvp, relic runner, titan, pve, warlock

xbox one, crucible, microphone, hunter, titan, pve