Unstoppable DUChemist, The Herald of Fate (Awoken Female Hunter) Invisible DUChemist, The Swarm Culler (Human Male Titan) Adjudicator DUChemist, The Untouchable (Human Female Warlock) Sherpa, Raid runner, PoE, Crucible, I steal my teammates kills when they don't shoot fast enough, rezzing @whygavs18, finally got the Gjally then it got nerfed, way better with my Hunter than I should be
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  • Male 35 Years Old
  • Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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  • Avg. Weekly Hours: 10+
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profanity ok, parent, hunter, microphone, xbox one, pve

W Adama

parent, hunter, warlock, pve, microphone, weekly challenges


looking for boots in the most unlikely of places, never running iron banner again (does anyone want to play iron banner tonight?), glorious death-dealing master class warlock, pvp (bad at it), punchy titan, shotgunning everything despite odds or logic

sherpa, swordbearer, raider, parent, relic holder