I don't mind goofing around in the service of learning, just as long as everyone keeps it light and fun. Let's do the thing and get the thing so we can thing more thingies!
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pvp, parent, pve, profanity ok


xbox one, microphone, shenanigans, shiggles, hunter, dontforgettheraidjuice

titan, microphone, warlock, parent

Easy E brah

raider, mic, master of my domain

34 warlock, 34 hunter, 34 titan, xbox one, microphone, sherpa


iB ready56

frabjous, hunter, ninja magic, titan, warlock, bubble tea

4 i's then 4 l's, potty mouth, titan, whorelock, huntard


hunter, titan, warlock, microphone

marklar sf

orb pooper, punchbro for life, profanity ok