Hey fellow guardians! I've been playing Destiny ever since I picked up my PS4 in between the days of Dark Below and House of Wolves. I'm fully involved in Destiny and it's often the only game I play (because that's all I have time for). I've really enjoyed some of the updates and changes with The Taken King but I don't feel everything is better and Destiny still has a long way to go to reach its full potential. A little background...I've been gaming pretty much my whole life and I usually prefer to play fantasy/action/rpg games and rarely ever a FPS. Destiny seems to hit all the right notes though and has really won me over. The gameplay is fantastic, the world and lore are so interesting, and most importantly it's just fun to play! I'm a dad so naturally I'm pretty busy, but late on weeknights or during the weekend I'm usually available for an hour or two. I've already met some great people on this site and in Destiny and I'm always looking for more cool people to play with and enjoy this awesome game! ---PS--- I don't usually have a mic on, especially because playing at night when my wife and baby are sleeping kinda prohibits that. So sorry in advance...but I will have a headset on almost always. Ok that's enough from me, see you in game.
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profanity ok, female gamer and proud of it so get over yourself those that can't respect, titan,warlock,hunter, pve and pvp.