Zero Hour every Friday night...unless life happens.
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  • Male 44 Years Old
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  • 02:15 AM EST - FRI 01/15
  • PSN
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 6
  • 1 reserve

Ugh..flawless attempt have some clears, be chill AF, be patient, this is a chill run we will get it done but I will not put up with finger pointing or being rude to anyone.

  • 11:45 PM EST - TUE 01/12
  • PSN
  • Alpha Company 85
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 1 waitlist

Fresh run with weekly challenge. Additional triumphs TBD if needed. Friends and regulars get priority even if reserve



raider, titan, warlock, sporadic playing times, hunter, sherpa


i'm mary poppins y'all, yippie ki yay, don't panic, where the fear has gone there will be nothing. only i will remain, does that look like spit to you?, squish like grape


profanity ok


sherpa, d1 raid vet, titan, hunter, mic, ps4

bilvader / billjdo

warlock, hunter, titan, well-endowed and all around ass kicker, shit talker extraordinaire, no fucking profanity


ps4, titan, hunter, warlock, microphone, profanity ok


hunter, gunslinger, bladedancer, nightstalker, titan, defender

spindle, quests, kings fall, poe, vog, pvp