Level 40 Titan, Level 35 Warlock, Level 40 Hunter Learning and teaching of the raids where I can to those that want to learn from them and have a good time.
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d983, the 100, warlock, chill runs, poe, nightfalls, raids, crucible, beautiful victoria bc

weekdays, warlock, afternoons


sporadic playing times, 34 titan 34 warlock 34 hunter , can run sword, can run relic grim score as of now 3470, warlock,hunter,can run sword and relic need hlp just ask:)


xbox one, ps4, titan, warlock

warlock, ps4


swordbearer, relic runner, headset, ps4, 34 warlock, cali

pvp, weekly challenges, parent, pve

microphone, pvp, pve


raider, ps4, titan