• Activity Score: 418
  • No Show Rate: 0%
  • Male 64 Years Old
  • Central Time (US & Canada)
  • Usually plays Weekdays Latenight and Weekends UTC
  • Avg. Weekly Hours: 10+
  • Profanity OK
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warlock, sunsinger, voidwalker, stormcaller, raid junkie, tom bearer, win the day, love being a dad and having fun!, parent, pve

Pappy 8 Kidz

sherpa, profanity ok, guardian of the coffee cup! old man on a couch. nemesis of cent. destroyer of worlds...and t-shirts, pve

Pathfinder Tau

worldsgreatestsparrowracer, ib, too, nighstalker, pvp, pve


hunter, xbox one, microphone, warlock, titan

saintz assassin

casual, weeknd player, parent, sherpa

profanity ok, pve, titan, warlock, hunter


titan, pirate, pve, good times


pve, pvp if my arm is twisted, raid! raid! raid!

SPC FriskyNips

nf, raids, profanity ok, bourbon, hunter, pve


freebird, master floofer, needs to be told what to shoot. and when to shoot, how could profanity not be ok?, comic relief, parent