• Activity Score: 427
  • No Show Rate: 0%
  • Male 49 Years Old
  • Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • Usually plays Weekday Mornings and Weekends UTC
  • Avg. Weekly Hours: 10+
  • Profanity OK
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parent, raider, profanity ok


parent, profanity preferred, pvp, pve, bountynegelcter

Bloody Str1ker

hunter, lvl 40, 400 light, relic runner, sword runner, kf relic runner, sherpa, titan, warlock, microphone

titan, microphone, weekly challenges, parent, raider


sherpa, epic mod, alpha clan admin


raids, weekly challenges, parent

professional troll, wreckasaurouslikestomunchonthepeen, sun breaker, defender, stormcaller, voidwalker

Cliff Addy

destiny day 1 player, 240+ raid clears, proud parent of 5, gamer since '81, mscs, entrepreneur, no profanity preferred, moderately neato


pvp, parent, sherpa, raider, microphone, warlock


raids, destiny, microphone, xbox one, sherpa