I'm a pretty laid back guy. While I really do like to do things quickly and efficiently, I'm not the type to get upset if things aren't perfect right off the bat.
  • Activity Score: 125
  • No Show Rate: 0%
  • Male 42 Years Old
  • Pacific Time (US & Canada)
  • Usually plays Weekday Afternoons and Weekends UTC
  • Avg. Weekly Hours: 1-10
  • Profanity OK
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weekly challenges, ps4, warlock, microphone, hunter, raider


sherpa, warlock, play 20+ hours a week, profanity ok, pve, ps4

pve, pvp, parent, malice , spindle , aura runner , gaze taker ,


weekly challenges, defender, pvp, titan, pve, ps4

parent, raider, platinum


microphone, ps4, bladedancer, gunslinger, voidwalker, sunsinger

parent, pvp, hunter, frabjous

pve, parent, sometimes available in pm, g'horn

raider, gunslinger, hunter

raider, pvp, pve