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iN-Subordination Xbox One casual | members: 20 | activity score: 0

avg. age: 34   mics required   parents   college students
Americas - most members are America/Indiana/Marengo time zone.

What we expect from you. We are a community, a family not an LFG server. If you join us, we expect you to join in with the chat get to know your fellow gamers in the server. You are required to use your Xbox name in Discord. . We are a mature group of players (adults only) that pride ourselves on helping every player reach their full potential. Many of us are migrating from a Max sized Destiny clan and have spent thousands of hours owning end-game activities and are chomping at the bit to do the same in Anthem & Division 2! We are mainly based in USA (EST/CST). We have jobs and stuff, so we mainly save worlds in evenings and weekends. So, join us, come chat with us while we wait to dominate. General guidelines: • We use discord to communicate. • Be mature in playing style and chat • Have a mic if possible (required for end-game) • Be willing to put in the time to learn content • Be willing to help even if you don't need the content

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The Division 2
Destiny 2
Battlefield V
Fallout 76
State of Decay 2
Borderlands 2

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bH Scrappy

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