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Alpha Company 250 PS4 serious | members: 89 | activity score: 0

"Republic Of The Division"

avg. age: 29   mics required
Americas - most members are Paris time zone.

Republic Of The Division (Alpha Company 250) welcomes all PS4 players aged from 20 to 99+ (with no pyjamas) on GMT +00:00/+01:00 for serious gaming (mic recommended).

Note from group mod:


Welcome on R.O.T.D. page,
Here you'll find teammates from Paris and London or whoever lives in da hood.
Feel free to add your own gaming session and to bring your friends in :-)
See you in game !

Rules :

  • Take into consideration the fact that most players are located in Central Europe Time Zone (GMT+1) and suggest reasonable hours.
    • That's unfortunate, but GMT/PST players will have to do the math when they schedule a gaming session (see link for dummies below).
  • Gaming sessions are limited to 4 players, please make sure you'll be available before subscribing to one.
    • You can obtain an individual .ics link once you become supporter (among other perks), which can help you remember all your gaming sessions.
  • For obvious reasons, we speak nicely to each other... And we revive each other!
    • Typically, if you play as a loner while your fellow teammates are lying down bleeding to death, you do not respect this rule.
  • Mic is required, and the official language is english even though our official Time Zone is Paris (CET/GMT+1).
    • Some players are experiencing issues with their mic in game, we advise you to chat through a game party created prior to gaming session.
  • Let's try to be complementary on the field, please indicate your skills categories in your profile tags.
    • All players will have a maximum of 2 skills, 4 talents and 40 perks all divided into 3 abilities categories (Medical, Technology and Security).

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