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The Muthacluckers PS4 casual | members: 43

"GG Guardian"

avg. age: 35   mics required
Europe - most members are London time zone.

Shoot things, stay alive

Note from group mod:

Welcome to The Muthacluckers

Code of The Muthacluckers

Its not a long list of 'donts' - just a commonsensical request: dont be a 'four-letter-word' ... simples.

Creating activities

Below is the list of the editable options when creating a new activity along with notes on what to update them with...

  • Game: Destiny 2
  • Activity: Choose the relevant activity from the drop down list
  • Details/Notes: Funny quip optional…. Use this space if you have special requests or requirements
  • Date: As required
  • Start time: As required
  • Which Group: Select Muthacluckers
  • Group Only: Ensure this box is checked
  • Friends Only: N/A
  • more options
  • Make Public if not full: Leave unchecked
  • Beginners Welcome: Leave unchecked (if checked, this will make the activity public)
  • Sherpa Requested: Leave unchecked (if checked, this will make the activity public)
  • Headset Required: Leave checked for the most part
  • Power Level Requirement: N/A
  • Current Party Size: Leave at 1 unless you are saving a place(s) for others
  • Platform: PS4

  • Post New Activity

  • Only join activities where you know you can make the listed start time.
  • Give as much notice as possible if you are no longer able to make the activity to ensure your spot is filled.
  • If you've joined as 'Reserve' - you may well be called upon, so please ensure you are available to jump in as required.
  • Whether creating or joining an activity, please be upfront about your experience level so we can ensure there are Muthacluckers to help explain mechanics, etc...
  • Group Games:

    Destiny 2

    Group Moderators:


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