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avg. age: 25   mics required

History of Us SOF is a gaming community and Unit that has been around since 2010, We started in ARMA 3 as a MILSIM Group, and have made a name for ourselves on there and have established a growing family of gamers who enjoy playing tactical and Operating as a single cohesive unit. Our Organization is something of a Hybrid , we have found away to combine two of the largest gaming elements into one, We are a Realism UNIT and Professional Gaming Unit. We even have our own merchandise store for members to rock our gear while your out and about in real life. SOF is more of a way of life for all of us so if you like the sound of joining a Unit, Community and most of all a Family that has been around for over 10 years now! Then continue Reading. We most Definitely ARE Looking for ACTIVE and DEDICATED MEMBERS We are currently looking for members who are team based and communication oriented. Professional Tactics and Squad Operators Welcome, but the Casual Soldier Is also valued to us as well. We are looking to build Our Realism and Our Competitive Teams as well! The Realism Side will focus more on Military Tactics and Maneuvers and Squad Play. such as: BCT-Basic Combat Training ACT-Advanced Combat Training Our Competitive teams feature both an SOF NA and SOF EU team that will dive further into trainings , Scrims and much more such as CCT-Competitive Combat Training This does not mean you have to play at Pro Skill Level, We accept any and all Skill levels If you think you have what it takes then SOF IS FOR YOU! AGE 16+ Minimum!!! FOR ALL GAMES Since COD Modern Warfare is cross platform we are Recruiting for all Platforms! NEWS UPDATE FROM SOF COMMAND We also are expanding into new games and Opening Up NEW Squads for : Star Wars Battlefront 2 (EA) PC Rainbow 6 Siege PS4 - Xbox - PC Inquire about joining on our Discord Join our Discord Today, Ask someone for assistance and we can get your questions answered and your process started. The Website is open for you to join to aswell. Add Me Direct in game my Activision ID CptMcdonaldA#7399057 ( Case Sensitive ) Origin -SOF-McDonaldA or my Discord SOF CPT.McDonald.A#1219

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