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LOOT R US PS4 casual | members: 62

avg. age: 34   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

Welcome! We are a group of guardians who love to get together to help each other out and enjoy looting stuff in D2. Our focus is mostly on PVE, although we do enjoy going on the crucible to break havoc every now and then. Most of us are parents with small children, so we understand that family and real life responsibilities take priority. Still, we are committed to keeping up scheduled raid times and events to make sure we are dependable and accountable. You are welcome to join any and all of our raid activities. However, in order to guarantee an enjoyable experience for all guardians involved, we request the following from you: 1. Please be on time 2. Please ensure you have enough time 3. Please remain cordial, patient, and positive 4. HAVE FUN We understand sometimes things come up, just hit up the raid organizer if you can't make a scheduled raid. Our main method to communicate and to schedule activities will be through discord. Join us!! Discord Channel:

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Destiny 2

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Hazaraighost, Tithania, Primus-Aureate, Tony_Touch_ATL, frosty520,

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