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Delta Company 410 Xbox One serious | members: 17 | activity score: 0

"SDS Left"

avg. age: 32   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

The point of this group is to find gamers who want to have fun with other gamers. We just ask that you value other gamer's time like you value yours. If you sign up for a game, put it on your phone's calendar so you get reminders that way you're not late and if you have one of life's moments you can back out of the game leaving room for others and preventing the session leader from wasting their time trying to invite you.

Note from group mod:

Check out the Delta Company 410 Private subreddit created by @RobotSpider: /r/deltacompany410.
We can use this forum to have ongoing discussions about the various games we play, tactics we have found particularly useful, increase group cohesion, and provide feedback or suggestions for the weekly update or other DC410 Clan activity.

RobotSpider will be on the lookout for new users to get you approved and participating as quick as possible.
Thanks RobotSpider!

Useful links:
Delta Company 410 Private SubReddit
Reddit Weekly Reset Thread

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Destiny 2

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