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1. When scheduling sessions, try and keep them as group only until the last day (or hours) before they start. This gives group and clan members a chance to see the session and join it. However, if it's a last minute session, make it public for all of the100 to see.

2. After joining a session, make sure to be ready to join the game on time, or send a message to someone in the group. This includes reserves. Note: We are pretty chill here, and won't usually report anyone (shit happens, kids, emergencies, etc.), however, continuously signing up and missing games with little or no notice, will result in reports from players in that session or mods.

3. If you are new, don't hesitate to post up a session. The process is very painless, and many of us here like to help people complete strikes, raids, etc. Posting gives you the benefits of picking the day, time, and specific activity.

4. If you create a session and nobody joins and you want to cancel it, click the link to edit the session. Near the top of the edit session page is a link to delete the game.

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Don Jose


sherpa, pve, pvp, xbox one, relaxed

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Hothead Bob

pve, hunter, warlock, raid, xbox one, titan

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Don Jose


sherpa, pve, pvp, xbox one, relaxed

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