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Welcome to CC337! Our community has been growing for the past several years and is comprised of gamers from all over the world. We play a myriad of PC games such as Destiny 2, Overwatch, and many many others.

We can't wait to see you in game!


Please be sure to join our Discord server. We have a pretty active group on Discord so drop by say hi. Discord also comes in handy for organizing larger games and using for voice chat in games where the in-game voice communication could be better.

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Are you new here?

First of all, thank you for joining our group! Gaming is much better experienced with other people. By joining us, and joining games, you will have tons more fun than playing by yourself.

Please be sure to join us on Discord (see the link above). While it's not required for most games, some group leaders prefer it and it is required for custom games.

Also make sure that your username matches your primary gaming platform tag (battlenet ID, Steam ID, etc). This makes it much easier for group leaders to send invites. If you are uncomfortable doing that, be sure to send a friend invite to your group leader before the scheduled start time.

What's Hot?

so hot right now

Destiny 2 is so hot right now, with the recent release of Beyond Light. Join us for weekly Deep Stone Crypt Sherpa sessions on Thursday nights!

Just a reminder for those posting and joining game sessions - Please don't double book yourself! This can impact a separate session if there aren't enough people!

Destiny 2 is our most active Divison with 200+ members. We have a clan on and are consistently playing together. We have regularly scheduled raids, including the new Deep Stone Crypt.

This group was founded on Overwatch, and it is the best game ever. Why bother with anything else when there is Overwatch? It cures all ailments, and runs like a dream on any machine.

We play other games too, like The Division 2, PUBG, Fortnite, Realm Royale and a plethora of others. It's no fun just playing one game all the time.



sherpa, jumper extraordinaire, superawesome, parent, profanity ok

Upcoming Games

Looking to cut some more teeth on Master VoG. Would be great to get the challenge done (Atheon-Oracles), or an Atheon clear, but encounter completions okay too. Be ~1350+ and bring that elitist mindset. :)

KWTD weekly run, EZPZ weekly fun

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sports, beginners welcome, play 10+ hours a week, pc, microphone, ps4

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