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Welcome to Fight the Past! We are an older group with a great mix of new and veteran players who enjoy doing all walks of content. Our group plays on PC, is primarily located in the US and Canada, and are most active between 5PM - 11PM Central Time.

Discord is mandatory for our group. It is used as our primary text chat for the group, and is used for voice chat for group events. It is suggested your the100 name and Discord nickname are the same.

Join our Discord: PAST

Normally, sessions should be created on the100; however, our group does fill impromptu sessions on Discord and in clan chat in-game.

If you are joining sessions, please ensure you have your Steam ID and/or Bungie Name are on your profile or mention it in the session chat when joining. This will ensure our sessions start on-time without any issues nor delays.




sherpa, profanity ok, microphone required, pve, raider, pc

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casual pvp, pve, profanity ok

profanity ok


parent, raid rookie, play 20+ hours a week, pve


profanity ok, parent, pve/pvp


raid rookie, pve, adults only, profanity ok

This group is full, but you can automatically join a similar one!

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casual, microphone optional, pc, raider, ive sherpad one raid im basically redeem, profanity ok

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