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ATL Smith

doomguy, beer, vodka, made on earth, titan, raider

crazy guinness

when i sherpa i want you to succeed so i will point out mistakes, salty tongue on occasion, it's not at you just the situation, i like to fix/tutor/help, sherpa, any class any guardian, i make orbs - use & make me some


blame claimer, sherpa, microphone, xbox one, damnit fen!

First 1 In

cigars, relic, fireball fueled, sherpa, swordbearer, parent


king killer, swordbearer, kellbreaker, once killed a thrall, mr solo dolo, rule number one: don't die

titan main, casual, rookie raider, scotch, some pvp, pve

sherpa, parent, defender, bladedancer, voidwalker


pve, pvp, xbox one, microphone, titan


titan, hunter, sherpa, warlock, pve, pvp

Vostok SL3

titan, hunter, profanity ok, xbox one, warlock (main)