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run to boss, then x3 for for resources

Fresh run(s) for exp. raiders...kwtd and have clears. Clan mates have pref. with spots.

Harbinger - Match game and unstoppable champions... feathers feathers feathers

Forever Fight Challenge. Full run or wish wall to Morgeth, whichever team prefers. Experienced only. Preference to regular challenge crew

Fireteam Brigs , Crux heroic runs, run for about an hour - hour and half.

looking to run with all warlocks for the Triumph...

  • 05:30 PM EST - SAT 01/16
  • Xbox
  • Mic required
  • 2 Players / 6

Need 1 for the raid - cheers!

X3 for resources

Priority for clan members. Fresh Run

Fresh run y'all. 3 hours max. Be chill have fun.



parent, raider, profanity ok


A Mad Bloke

hunter, titan, warlock

pve, parent, profanity ok

profanity ok, raid, pve

Bad Evil Bunny

shoot things, nightfalls, raiding, chilled, play4fun, singing ok

Bald Assassin

pve, pvp, sherpa, profanity ok, raids


raider, pve, pvp, parent


pve, pvp, profanity probably, whiskey likely, shananigans guaranteed, titan


profanity ok, pve, trials of osiris, nightfall, titan, hunter