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Upcoming Games

Fresh run for pinnacles and stuff, be chill have fun

fresh run, be chill have fun learn as we go...

Recent Games

All players and skill levels welcome! Fresh run, be chill have fun. Run 3hours tops

fresh run for pinnacles and stuff be chill have fun.

Run once, be chill have fun.



warlock, titan, hunter, sherpa, pve, pvp


raider, all classes, parent, microphone


raid expert, pve expert, parent, profanity ok


xbox one, microphone, raider

300+ warlock, pve, pvp, profanity ok, 300+ hunter

microphone, warlock, xbox one


likes to shoot things, patient, husband, father of 3, raider, all 3 classes

pve, xbox one, warlock, sherpa


trials, nightfall, iron banner, crucible, raid

Iodic acid

always happy to help if i can both pve and pvp, parent, a blessed cheesemaker