Sherpa and Raider. Begginers always welcome. I will teach what I know but always willing to learn something new. I have 1 of each character. Join up and let's have some fun. Thank
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Upcoming Games

  • 05:45 PM PDT - SAT 08/13
  • PSN
  • The Smoking Orbs
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 1 waitlist

Golf balls and chips farm. (Arms dealer) Please have required loadouts. Priority friends/clan. Let's go !

3 X Clan bounty. Assist teammates w 20 kills / bounty. Stay till all 3 completed

  • 05:45 PM PDT - SUN 08/14
  • PSN
  • The Smoking Orbs
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 1 waitlist

Quick run for the clan triumph. Priority to clan obviously then friends if session doesn't fill. Let's go !

Recent Games

Rhulk CP X 3. Clan Bounty. Get a Clan member to join



finally pvp 1k/d, habitual watcher, parent, profanity ok, sherpa, raider


sherpa, titan, hunter, warlock, profanity ok, pve


👉the one and only ""dk[™©®] "", 👈⚔️🔫💣, sherpa, pvp, pve, profanity ok


chilled, parent, profanity ok, pve, raid


day one, raid, titan, warlock, hunter, spindle



i am negan, king of the north, holy hand grenade, bastard executioner, bullet sponge, insane in the membrane

pve, profanity ok, pvp