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Upcoming Games

Pie said it's time to get on that leveling grind. Let's knock out as many 3 person pinnacles as time permits.100K Nightfall, 100K story, dungeon?

Looking for an easy going group to take on the new dungeon. I'm hoping to read a bit or watch a video before the run. I'm fine with spoilers. Even better if you know what to do as well.

All players and skill levels welcome! Last week, they closed out the season with everyone becoming a Kingslayer. And, Mark gained the title Top Shelf. There was much rejoicing, until Flawless was lost. Nary a cat paw to blame. This week, it's back on the grind. 2 runs for the pinnacles

Looking for an easy going group to knock out some of the new dungeon triumphs. We can figure out what we want to do at game time.

Another Pinnacle raid run. Top Shelf says no challenges because War Priest sucks donkey balls. Maybe a quick DSC boss for the red border. Or split into groups and take a stab at the new dungeon.

Recent Games

Farming for the Epicurean. I need a couple more patterns. Run for an hour or so.



sherpa, socal, epic mod, alpha squad admin


profanity ok, parent, pve, pvp, very chill


profanity encouraged, warlock, hunter, titan


profanity ok, pvp, parent, pve, sherpa

Our Man F1int

pve, pvp


pve, raider

x j3s x

d.t.k.-l.a.m.f., olsen twins pizza party, hail xenu, make sure to like and subscribe