==Year 1 Guardian! == ----Extremely shy/anxiety issues ( So Apologies in advance if I rarely say anything or have a difficult time speaking), Just takes time. Although It won't hinder PVE/PVP call outs. I'm a friendly person, so feel free to add me if you help with anything via Destiny 1/2 :) ============= Favorite! Class: Warlock/Hunter Race: Exo Weapon Type(s): Hand Cannon/Fusion Rifle Elemental Power(s): Voidwalker | GoldenGun Faction(s): Future Warcult/New Monarchy Clan(s): Solis Ortus & Delta 123 ==== Recognition of the People who helped make D1 Amazing: AfricaDog rawtalentmsu outsane504 CaptnAmericaGRL xX Dark Aura Xx Sparkyhydra XtremeCrash Zurvran SweetInsomniac StoreyedSea979 NoSlo5O Sshimmy dangerchrisDO Hootydavis1721 LdyNymeriaStark Wait 4 grandpa7 Lord Wombatsis V Th1rt3enXIII k7ngp7n Sphygmo81 RiverZeus=====
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parent, xbox ambassador

iron banner, just upgraded from xb360 to xb1, pve


microphone, pve, titan


raid, hunter, warlock, titan, pve


titan, hunter, warlock. raider, pve, pvp, sherpa and just all round good guy.


pve, pvp, touch of malace, raider, mic, defender

hunter, titan, sunsinger, warlock, microphone


parent, pvp, pve, average ability

microphone, warlock