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Zulu Company 343 Xbox One casual | members: 74 | activity score: 0

"Professionally Casual"

avg. age: 28   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

Professionally Casual is a clan for chilled and active Destiny players on XBOX one. Please have a sense of humour, an enthusiasm for getting yourself and fellow clan members through difficult activities, and bring a mic. We put the word casual in the clan title for a reason... We want to do hard stuff and get awesome loot, but mostly we want to have fun playing destiny.   The vast majority of us are aged twenty to forty and most of us live in North America, although we have members based in the UK and Australia as well. We run multiple raids each week, and have several experienced and patient raid guides. We have a discord server and a one hundred group to organise all that. If you want to learn the raid, or you just want to run crucible, nightfalls etc with a friendly team, we are keen to help with that. We have one rule... Respect and support your fellow clan members. Come join us

Note from group mod: Weekly Reset

Underbelly Map
Leviathan (Calus) Leaderboard - Normal Mode

First Completion: October 24 2017
Fireteam: Gundam, Will, NelOne, The Dude Abides, PineappleUnicorn, +1.

Fastest Completion (underbelly): 29min (July 8 2018)
Fireteam: Gundam, Crash, Dexter, Vile, Hellopanda, Snuggle

Fastest completion (castellum): 45 min (July 8 2018)
Fireteam: Gundam, Crash, Dexter, Vile, Hellopanda, Snuggle
Leviathan (Calus) Leaderboard - Prestige Mode

First Completion: May 10 2018.
Snuggle, Dex Pappy, +3.

Fastest Completion: 1hr, 9 min (June 28 2018)
Fireteam: Dexter, Ted Gundy, Pappy, Flint, Cam, Crash

Raid Lair 1 (Argos) Leaderboard - Normal Mode

First Completion: December 30 2017.
Fireteam: Autumn, Flint, Panda, Mel, Les, Vile.

Fastest Completion: 31 mins (June 18 2018)
Fireteam: Pappy, JPanda, Dexter, Crash, Flint, Les

Raid Lair 1 (Argos) Leader board - Prestige Mode

First Completion: July 21 2018
Fireteam: Vile, Dexter, Hellopanda72, Raja, Gundam, Mel (with an assist from Snuggle, Jpanda, Crash)

Fastest Completion: tbd
Fireteam: tbd
Raid Lair 2 (Spire of Stars) Leader board - Normal Mode

First Completion: June 8 2018
Fireteam: Pappy, Vile, Crash, Dexter, Flint, Hellopanda (with a large assist from Snuggle)

Fastest Completion: 30 mins (June 16 2018)
Fireteam: Pappy, Vile, Dexter, Gundam, Snugglebooty, Les
Raid Lair 2 (Spire of Stars) Leader board - Prestige Mode

First Completion: July 19 2018
Fireteam: Dexter, Raja, Snuggle, Gundam +2

Fastest Completion: 2 hours, 6 mins (July 19 2018)
Fireteam: Dexter, Gundam, Snuggle, Raja + 2
* all times via raid report, requires fireteam of 3+ clan members. Shout at Panda or Mosh to record your achievements here.
Random Achievements
Guardians Who've Gone Flawless in Trials: Autumn, Gundam, Flint, Raja, BigDbombsquad (oh so many times)

First Five Man Raid: Les, Vile, Snuggle, Apollo, Hotfire (eow, May 26 2018)

First Four Man Raid: (Not Yet Achieved)

First Escalation Protocol Competion: Snuggle, Panda (May 21 2018)

First Whisper: Raja (July 20 2018)

Highest Prestige Nightfall Score: Raja (164k)

Group Games:

Destiny 2
Battlefield 1
Halo 5: Guardians
Monster Hunter World
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Rocket League
The Division

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