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Upcoming Games

Crota CP, followed by a full catalyst run. Maybe all ARC along the way. It's the run where bean won't get Nate killed chasing tangles. Slightly earlier start because Bean has "shit to do."

Turns out Ir-Yut, Couldn't remember the greatest song in the world, yeah - no! It is a tribute! Time to take that Chalice and pass it around. Master Challenge is on the menu today!

Recent Games

Last week, it was the one phase Ir-Yut. This week, is it the one phase Crota? Bring the DPS cause your numbers are gonna be on display. Thankfully, Grim is running tractor so he can relax. Maybe some other triumphs if the servers aren't borked.

Last week, there were highs and lows. They got challenge done, but on normal. Bean and Mark contributed by making heavy. Primo is starting to agree with Bean. Bean has the right loadout just the wrong fire team. Today, it's a bridge too far...



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Lt Traxler


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"it is inevitable"

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